Choose Life

“There are sources of help all around you which operate on the rule of free will. Those of positive polarity shall not force themselves upon you but shall await your request. It is said in your holy works, “Ask and you shall receive; Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” know with a deep knowing, that this is the true nature of things. Do not expect your guidance to come and speak in your ear without your request. You have Angels about you at all times. They too are forbidden to interfere until you ask for their help. Ask them and thank them.” – IG @messagefrombeyond.

At every given moment in your Life, you are all that you are. Your body is alive and reacting with its environment. Remember that even during your darkest moments, YOU are the master of your body. You are your body’s guide to aliveness. 

Life can be overwhelming as there are millions of reactions and interactions constantly happening with and all around us. Beautiful thing about this cosmic size reality is that it will always be dual. 

REMEMBER there is always access to the equal but opposite reaction to everything happening to us, in us, and around us. We share our aliveness with our worlds so when it comes to our mental health, share and use those same resources. There is no better time than during such moments. 

Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your Aliveness. 

✅ TALK! Similar to crying, Talk therapy is one of the first and easiest ways to start releasing negative energy from your body. It gives your body a chance to start rebalancing it’s chemicals. It gives you the chance to seek Empathy and Love.

✅ PRAY! Prayer allows you to spiritually connect you to your inner creator. The very essence of the gift we possess, Life itself. 

✅ CONNECT! Use physical or spiritual, and external and internal mediums. Get a massage, meditate, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, go out into nature. Dose your mind and body with soothing and positive inputs to remind you of the joys of living. 

✅ LAUGH! Besides the fact that laughter is 100% free, it has been proven to be contagious, and an opportunity to bond with yourself and others. 

✅ CHOOSE LIFE! The very notion of keeping your mind in this state is directly related to being in this state. Even during moments where it seems impossible, stay patient and optimistic, it is positive reinforcement and allows you to live in a State of Hope. 

Keep Healing, Loving, and Growing!

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