A Self-Development Workshop – What is my Contribution?

How and Why focusing on our intentional, conscious contribution is vital in creating and sustaining our relationships and Balance. 


Living your Balance while dependent incredibly on Self-Awareness and Self-Connection is also significantly influenced by our Relationships and Environments.

Yes, others contribute to these relationships, and we can influence that with what and how we participate. However, we cannot control their contribution. So our participation should always be on what we can control; our Well-intentioned Contribution.

Given how much life is about actions and reactions, living and contributing intentionally can significantly influence what we get back and how we create and maintain our Balance.

I’m looking forward to reflecting and growing with you on

  • The factors that guide our contribution.
  • Why and How we stay accountable for our contribution.
  • Why and How contributing intentionally is the prerequisite to creating and living your Balance.
  • How to create and sustain lasting relationships from how and what we contribute.

There is no better chance taken than that on self-development. Explore, participate, share and learn practical tools in a space created purposefully for Balance and Growth. Come deep dive and acquire intentional and solution-driven skills for everyday living as you continue your self-actualization journey.

Disclosure: Ticket Price includes an assortment of Appetizers and Wine.

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