I’ve often reflected on why we typically connect better with our dreams and imagination when we close our eyes. My rational explanation understands conscious connection as experienced from a collection of three events. The moment you see it, how your brain interprets it, and how your heart feels it. 

So your eyes, your mind and your heart all factor into how you emotionally connect. Given that we live more consciously, the eyes allow us to visually embrace what we are connecting with. However, oftentimes, especially with events that don’t necessarily need visible cues, the eyes can create repeals of distraction. Such events tend to feel better, experienced in the dark and typically enhance both conscious and subconscious emotional connections. 

With eyes closed, there is no visible interference and our mind’s influence on how we intake heightens, allowing us to experience multiple sensations of what we are connecting with, in ways that are most suitable to us. It affords us a medium to dive deeper into realms untouched by visual distractions, hence influencing our hearts the opportunity for greater vulnerability. 

It explains why experiences like meditation, yoga, visualization, dreaming, sex, or listening to music are more enjoyable in such a state. Or why sometimes going blindly is better as the unknown allows for the mind and heart the opportunity to experience multiple possibilities. 

No visual distractions allows us to attach our focus or state to the purpose for the experience. It allows us to connect our thoughts and feelings without the intrusion of visible variables. In that state, we are truly one mind, body and spirit, and have the opportunity to connect with our human form in our highest mental energy state. So do me a favor, close your eyes, let your imagination travel, DREAM! 

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