As a citizen of humanity, my passion for leaving people happier and better, and being mindful in understanding the importance of the holistic use of communication, energy, and reality, are some of the influences that have fueled my grit in the journey towards my purpose of serving as a life coach.

I am a Connection and Awareness Coach, a writer, storyteller, and motivational speaker working to inspire and empower individuals and groups towards a better understanding of self, for improvement in areas of awareness, mindset shifting, negotiation, personal style, Identity, and presentation. I believe personal growth is crucial to all other relationship growths.  Additionally, I have a combined background in caring for individuals as a Registered Nurse and Case Manager for the past eleven years, and currently an Executive Contributing writer for BRAINZ Magazine. Click  the link to access my work 

My practice and writings are centered around the recognition that we are gifted beyond recognition with individual capabilities often suppressed by our fear of emotions, which continue to deprive us of the lessons they provide to elevate ourselves and our relationships. As our humanity necessitates endless opportunities for healing, and loving environments to facilitate self-improvement in the process of our evolution, we need to keep looking within ourselves.  Click the link to follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn

We are part of many families and thrive when our relationships are balanced. As part of these families; nuclear, extended, blended, work, friendship, marital, and society as a whole, we live happier and more productive lives when we maintain balance in our RELATIONSHIPS. Self-confidence, self-love, self-development, self-empowerment, and self-actualization are crucial parts of the life-long process of SELF-GROWTH. Your most underutilized resource to thrive in these relationships is all WITHIN you! Always remember the importance of YOU, as your most valuable resource, and why keeping your body HEALTHY is just as vital as keeping your mind and spirit balanced. None is more essential than the other, and they equally contribute to our ability to NEGOTIATING and maintaining CONNECTIONS, as we balance living purposeful and fulfilling lives.

You can fully trust that WITHIN life coaching services is ready to guide you to YOUR state of balance.

Community provides an opportunity to practice our values, share our experiences, enrich our relationships, live our purpose, and influence our continuous growth journey. Due to our unique personalities, conflict in our lives and with our immediate environments in transition often affects our day-to-day and overall growth journey and life story. 

We are fundamentally creatures of community, and communities thrive because of our relationships with ourselves and with others.  

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