Mind and Choice

What supports the explanation and functionality of the human mind. Some say God and others say science. It is fair to believe both sources coexist and are equally relevant and tasked with explaining all the things we have come to know, the things we think we know, the things we only have a glimpse of knowing, to the things we just can’t explain even if we knew. 

Science explains the brain’s anatomy and physiology while spirituality supports/validates it’s aliveness. I imagine the brain as a command center that collects all data; good and bad, affording the human carrying the body a variety of paths to choose from. The brain may provide all rational options, but it is the human form guided by its conscious state, that gets to choose.

Although we may never come to fully decode it, we still have the power to train and navigate our thoughts independently, as facilitated and afforded by our individual journeys. We are habitual in our ways as our minds have been trained to frequently present options suitable to our realities and desires.That by itself supports our ability to retrain our brains just like we do other body parts and functions. 

Have you ever wondered why memories slowly fade away when they stop contributing to, or influencing our lives? Explains why the proportion of memories that stay alive is related to the extent of their influence on who we are. As much as science enlightens us, I hope that the things it cannot explain, allow us to sustain our individuality of thought as was meant from our creation days, unique to each person, mysterious, and truly free. 

It is crucial to remember that whatever choice is made, will always evoke reactions presented by our universe. So cultivate the habit of making choices guided by good intentions, those that are service driven, and growth driven. Such actions increase our chances of living in a peaceful state with others, but most importantly, with ourselves. 

And when our choices cause pain and hurt and conflict, always remember that our mind constantly affords a multitude of favorable options available to choose from. Our thoughts are OURS to navigate, retrain, change and grow. 

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