A Self-Development Workshop – What is my Contribution?

How and Why focusing on our intentional, conscious contribution is vital in creating and sustaining our relationships and Balance. 


Living your Balance while dependent incredibly on Self-Awareness and Self-Connection is also significantly influenced by our Relationships and Environments.

Yes, others contribute to these relationships, and we can influence that with what and how we participate. However, we cannot control their contribution. So our participation should always be on what we can control; our Well-intentioned Contribution.

Given how much life is about actions and reactions, living and contributing intentionally can significantly influence what we get back and how we create and maintain our Balance.

I’m looking forward to reflecting and growing with you on

  • The factors that guide our contribution.
  • Why and How we stay accountable for our contribution.
  • Why and How contributing intentionally is the prerequisite to creating and living your Balance.
  • How to create and sustain lasting relationships from how and what we contribute.

There is no better chance taken than that on self-development. Explore, participate, share and learn practical tools in a space created purposefully for Balance and Growth. Come deep dive and acquire intentional and solution-driven skills for everyday living as you continue your self-actualization journey.

Disclosure: Ticket Price includes an assortment of Appetizers and Wine.

Mind and Choice

What supports the explanation and functionality of the human mind. Some say God and others say science. It is fair to believe both sources coexist and are equally relevant and tasked with explaining all the things we have come to know, the things we think we know, the things we only have a glimpse of knowing, to the things we just can’t explain even if we knew. 

Science explains the brain’s anatomy and physiology while spirituality supports/validates it’s aliveness. I imagine the brain as a command center that collects all data; good and bad, affording the human carrying the body a variety of paths to choose from. The brain may provide all rational options, but it is the human form guided by its conscious state, that gets to choose.

Although we may never come to fully decode it, we still have the power to train and navigate our thoughts independently, as facilitated and afforded by our individual journeys. We are habitual in our ways as our minds have been trained to frequently present options suitable to our realities and desires.That by itself supports our ability to retrain our brains just like we do other body parts and functions. 

Have you ever wondered why memories slowly fade away when they stop contributing to, or influencing our lives? Explains why the proportion of memories that stay alive is related to the extent of their influence on who we are. As much as science enlightens us, I hope that the things it cannot explain, allow us to sustain our individuality of thought as was meant from our creation days, unique to each person, mysterious, and truly free. 

It is crucial to remember that whatever choice is made, will always evoke reactions presented by our universe. So cultivate the habit of making choices guided by good intentions, those that are service driven, and growth driven. Such actions increase our chances of living in a peaceful state with others, but most importantly, with ourselves. 

And when our choices cause pain and hurt and conflict, always remember that our mind constantly affords a multitude of favorable options available to choose from. Our thoughts are OURS to navigate, retrain, change and grow. 


I’ve often reflected on why we typically connect better with our dreams and imagination when we close our eyes. My rational explanation understands conscious connection as experienced from a collection of three events. The moment you see it, how your brain interprets it, and how your heart feels it. 

So your eyes, your mind and your heart all factor into how you emotionally connect. Given that we live more consciously, the eyes allow us to visually embrace what we are connecting with. However, oftentimes, especially with events that don’t necessarily need visible cues, the eyes can create repeals of distraction. Such events tend to feel better, experienced in the dark and typically enhance both conscious and subconscious emotional connections. 

With eyes closed, there is no visible interference and our mind’s influence on how we intake heightens, allowing us to experience multiple sensations of what we are connecting with, in ways that are most suitable to us. It affords us a medium to dive deeper into realms untouched by visual distractions, hence influencing our hearts the opportunity for greater vulnerability. 

It explains why experiences like meditation, yoga, visualization, dreaming, sex, or listening to music are more enjoyable in such a state. Or why sometimes going blindly is better as the unknown allows for the mind and heart the opportunity to experience multiple possibilities. 

No visual distractions allows us to attach our focus or state to the purpose for the experience. It allows us to connect our thoughts and feelings without the intrusion of visible variables. In that state, we are truly one mind, body and spirit, and have the opportunity to connect with our human form in our highest mental energy state. So do me a favor, close your eyes, let your imagination travel, DREAM! 

Emotion + Energy

Where the mind goes, Energy flows and blood and flesh follow”

Every emotion plays an important physiological role in our body. Epigenetics helps explain how energy from the environment affects our body and our growth in positive or negative ways. 

Studies have shown that the mind and the immune system are connected. Positive energy relaxes the body by increasing blood flow to the brain and the organs, increases the release of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, which all promote growth, healing and wellness. 

Stress increases tension of connective tissue, moves blood from our organs to our muscles, and increases the release of histamines, all of which decrease our immunity, growth, and balance. Stress can literally manifest as illness, especially chronic stress from trapped difficult emotions. 

Emotional expression and methods used to decrease stress such as talk therapy, or touch therapy which can initiate transferring positive energy to restructure and promote growth and healing through touch, nutritional therapy by eating foods that positively influence the structure of our anatomy and physiology. Adopting practices that increase oxygen intake such as deep breathing , Qigong, and Yoga. 

Using Visualization such as meditation or mental imagery we can discover a manifestation for ourselves from within ourselves, the power of positive thinking and practice guided by life coaching, using the creative conscious mind to learn new information, or download information from the programmed subconscious mind, to address our stress and move our bodies from the stress response, to the relaxed, restored, and heal response. 

We become what we think. and the energy we absorb manifest in the physicality of our bodies. 

Human Connection

From a young age, human interaction and connection has been a very organic experience for me. I am what was labeled the very bold and daring girl child, if you go to an all girl’s boarding school, or happen to be raised in a biased African culture. As I got older, this affected my balance and living my purpose as a human, daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, and friend became challenging. I even punished myself with isolation but would feel the opposite of the effect I so desperately imagined would allow me to fit in, and it sucked for my spirit.

To many, I may be a people person, but I remain a citizen of humanity to all. Life experiences, emotional maturity, and spiritual growth over many years helped me understand why I was created this way. My life story has had its curves, but I mostly remember it being full of so many interconnected, teachable, favorable, and positive moments.

My nature has taught me that it is rare to walk up to someone in good faith, or with enthusiasm and not receive positive energy. That you can only understand someone better if you give them the opportunity, and that it is hard to hate someone up close. Energy has to move and flow, and one bad transfer can cause ripple effects so extensive it changes you.

The benefits of good energy and the abundance of love, guidance, and acceptance that one receives means more to give back. We are partly nurtured by the magnitude of energy we receive from our immediate environments, an external influence affecting our physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

The ability to understand and inspire human connection is a gift, and I embrace and own it. It has enriched me with an extensive library, and provided me with the appreciation of what it means to inspire. Remember the purpose of giving extends your blessings to enhance not only others, but yourself, even when it is not reciprocated. For when we open our heart, mind and spirit to truly touch another’s spirit, that by itself is a gift to our spirit.

I have understood that loving and giving consciously, is equally as important as doing so unconsciously. That every human interaction and connection is unique, and provide us with opportunities to grow. Take every human interaction as a lesson, connect and learn something different, feel something unexpected, add to your library of human connection, and reciprocate honestly and authentically as best as you can.

Open your heart when connecting with people, and you automatically live em-pathetically. Energy is the unspoken language that feeds the spirit, give and receive consciously.