Emotion + Energy

Where the mind goes, Energy flows and blood and flesh follow”

Every emotion plays an important physiological role in our body. Epigenetics helps explain how energy from the environment affects our body and our growth in positive or negative ways. 

Studies have shown that the mind and the immune system are connected. Positive energy relaxes the body by increasing blood flow to the brain and the organs, increases the release of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, which all promote growth, healing and wellness. 

Stress increases tension of connective tissue, moves blood from our organs to our muscles, and increases the release of histamines, all of which decrease our immunity, growth, and balance. Stress can literally manifest as illness, especially chronic stress from trapped difficult emotions. 

Emotional expression and methods used to decrease stress such as talk therapy, or touch therapy which can initiate transferring positive energy to restructure and promote growth and healing through touch, nutritional therapy by eating foods that positively influence the structure of our anatomy and physiology. Adopting practices that increase oxygen intake such as deep breathing , Qigong, and Yoga. 

Using Visualization such as meditation or mental imagery we can discover a manifestation for ourselves from within ourselves, the power of positive thinking and practice guided by life coaching, using the creative conscious mind to learn new information, or download information from the programmed subconscious mind, to address our stress and move our bodies from the stress response, to the relaxed, restored, and heal response. 

We become what we think. and the energy we absorb manifest in the physicality of our bodies. 

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