A Self Development Workshop – Live your Balance Part I

My name is Antoinette Njombua-Fombad, and I hosted a workshop on July 30th, 2022 – ‘Live Your Balance’. I am full of gratitude and thank all those who attended and supported this venture.

As a human being, I’ve always dreamt of creating spaces and environments for healing, loving, and growing. I figured if we can find a way to normalize vulnerability as an opportunity to build ourselves, we benefit from using our lessons to grow and create experiences in alignment with who we become. As a Coach, helping people understand the value of self-connection is one of my greatest passions and mission. Self-awareness is vital to the process.

My purpose for this workshop and future ones is to encourage us to grow just as our environments evolve and to be more intentional with authenticity as we connect with our humanity and our growth and becoming. When we become rigid with our perspectives or perceptions, there’s little room for inspiration, change, or growth. Living more consciously requires a flexible and open mind. That doesn’t mean you become these new perspectives overnight; it simply means you, without restrictions, allow yourself to reflect without conditioning, update your subconscious data, strengthen what you already value, or evolve it to create more balance.

These spaces are not for judgment, disrespect, disregard, shame, or blame. They are not meant for re-living what we already get out there. They are meant for release, reflection, and Growth. I am counting on us all to remember this purpose throughout these experiences so that we allow ourselves to learn from each other, from our reflections, leave intentionally ready to live more self-connected, and more equipped to build or enhance the habits that grow us, and keep us into a future we create for ourselves. I hope you choose to change an opportunity for growth and venture out to my next workshop or connect with me in person.

As always, keep Healing, Loving, and Growing!

We are not our disabilities.

I’ve often wondered why we have created space for our disabilities, where we increasingly move from being seen as people with challenges, into people who ARE challenges. Or why we feel shame in recognizing such challenges, simply as what they are, challenges. 

As a society, I understand the need to identify and provide assistance to individuals born, or with acquired inadequacies affecting their daily lives. Why is it commonly translated as a need for isolation in a space of deficiency, whether purposefully or unintentionally? We all deserve to understand both sides, how that affects our livelihood, and make us unique. Holding back one or the other is a disservice to us all, and influences a future distortion on full self-awareness. 

Imagine being consistently identified from childhood, as HAVING a disability. It can affect the mind very differently knowing that you are NOT a disability, but rather live with some inabilities affected by challenges. Epigenetic studies support how this can significantly affect the mindset. The idea of being defective can suppress many abilities that with routine, hard work, and a cultivating mindset, can significantly elevate our lives in many ways. 

Now imagine being trained to only believe in perfectionism with nothing beyond your capabilities. Undoubtedly, you will probably thrive with this mindset, crushing your goals and accomplishing many outcomes you set your mind to. Until you find out later in life, things you truly may never be able to accomplish in the manner you dream, because of some independent variable out of your control. It might take just as much time adjusting mentally and emotionally building you back to where you were. 

We all have disabilities in some way because we are human, which influences us to develop values more connected to self-acceptance, increase comfort in accepting accountability for our choices, and understand what we can contribute to thriving in any environment, circumstance, and period of life.  

We need to elevate our consciousness, to accept ourselves for all that we are, as self-worth is critical to self-awareness. Consciously work to trust that at any given time in your life, conversation, interaction, roadblock, or self-doubt,  you are human. We are everything that we are, and that is always enough of a starting point to accurately work on elevating ourselves to where we want to go.      

Choose Life

“There are sources of help all around you which operate on the rule of free will. Those of positive polarity shall not force themselves upon you but shall await your request. It is said in your holy works, “Ask and you shall receive; Knock and it shall be opened unto you.” know with a deep knowing, that this is the true nature of things. Do not expect your guidance to come and speak in your ear without your request. You have Angels about you at all times. They too are forbidden to interfere until you ask for their help. Ask them and thank them.” – IG @messagefrombeyond.

At every given moment in your Life, you are all that you are. Your body is alive and reacting with its environment. Remember that even during your darkest moments, YOU are the master of your body. You are your body’s guide to aliveness. 

Life can be overwhelming as there are millions of reactions and interactions constantly happening with and all around us. Beautiful thing about this cosmic size reality is that it will always be dual. 

REMEMBER there is always access to the equal but opposite reaction to everything happening to us, in us, and around us. We share our aliveness with our worlds so when it comes to our mental health, share and use those same resources. There is no better time than during such moments. 

Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your Aliveness. 

✅ TALK! Similar to crying, Talk therapy is one of the first and easiest ways to start releasing negative energy from your body. It gives your body a chance to start rebalancing it’s chemicals. It gives you the chance to seek Empathy and Love.

✅ PRAY! Prayer allows you to spiritually connect you to your inner creator. The very essence of the gift we possess, Life itself. 

✅ CONNECT! Use physical or spiritual, and external and internal mediums. Get a massage, meditate, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, go out into nature. Dose your mind and body with soothing and positive inputs to remind you of the joys of living. 

✅ LAUGH! Besides the fact that laughter is 100% free, it has been proven to be contagious, and an opportunity to bond with yourself and others. 

✅ CHOOSE LIFE! The very notion of keeping your mind in this state is directly related to being in this state. Even during moments where it seems impossible, stay patient and optimistic, it is positive reinforcement and allows you to live in a State of Hope. 

Keep Healing, Loving, and Growing!


Time, the one constant still intangible. From quantum theory, spiritual & mystical concepts, and time travel. The possibility that time is the very reason we exist is one theory to live by. Can we live with the reality of knowing when our time starts and stops? Can we handle the newness and realities of circumstances if we could travel to different eras? 

As our time ticks and tocks, choosing to live with all its uncertainties may be hard. Truth is, as living creatures, decoding time is realistically impossible. For one reason, every single organism has its own personal clock. Even if we somehow found a way to make it collectively linear, our individuality of thought, our uniqueness, prevents it. Our functioning may be synonymous in many ways but yet so different at the same time. One event remains the same event, but evokes an infinity of reactions from all those experiencing it.

Choosing to continue challenging our intelligence, whether by fact or speculation, is a journey that is purposeful. Focusing on how time affords us our individual journeys is a crucial part of that study. The notion of time having a beginning and an end, can be scary and conforming, even though we know we are energy that cycles through the universe, only present in physical form for some time in this state of consciousness. Time, I believe, doesn’t exist to conform us, it exists to free us. 

There’s no disregarding quantum mysticism. There may be a galactic genesis of time, but there is also the reality of direct observation that time connects and navigates our journeys as we grow. Affording us space to evolve into who we are as individuals and collectively as people. 

We already travel to the past with our memories, live in the future through our dreams and imagination, and manage our present with reality. Isn’t that time travel? Isn’t that a space for any individual to make the best of their situation? Plants bend and twist, and our bodies build antibodies in hopes of furthering our existence. However we came into being, we are afforded these gifts to live our time, to make our time, to travel through our time as best as we can, with as much time as we have. 


24 hours around your world

We often hear motivational content say ‘the world is in your hands’. While meditating, I journeyed deeper into its meaning. In a space of gratitude, I remembered how much the world is in my hands. Every individual I connect with has experienced the world differently, So indirectly, I have shared their experiences through connection. I might not have been physically present, but our interaction and connection allow us to remember them as shared memories. 

There is also the abundance of technology, books, music, manuals, art, nature, media, movies, people who inspire and motivate us, home, family, cousins, aunties, uncles, friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, clients, pets, the tree in my front yard, my car… and I realise just how much I am inspired by, and connected to the world around me. 

I have experienced a vast array of people, places, food, personalities, tragedies, celebrations, cultures through all my relationships, and I am thankful for the gift of infinite connection through energy transfer. I am thankful for having the opportunity to travel the world personally, and indirectly through the world around me. To experience my social gatherings as an adventure, a place different from my comfort zone and an opportunity to relax and let my guard down.

 Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart, and speak your truth as you interact and you give yourself a free ticket to 90 days around YOUR universe. You will see, feel, and connect with people and your environment in ways you never thought were possible. Such connections might create countless opportunities to define and shape your life in all the ways you dream. 

We have crossed over from the fossil age to a civilization of energy. With this enormous dose of human interaction and connection, it is fair in that sense to agree that your world is in your hands, and providing priceless encounters and opportunities to grow. So wake up tomorrow, start all over, take another journey around your world, before your twenty four hours run out. 

Rest well Brother Chadwick! Wakanda Forever! 

Human Connection

From a young age, human interaction and connection has been a very organic experience for me. I am what was labeled the very bold and daring girl child, if you go to an all girl’s boarding school, or happen to be raised in a biased African culture. As I got older, this affected my balance and living my purpose as a human, daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, and friend became challenging. I even punished myself with isolation but would feel the opposite of the effect I so desperately imagined would allow me to fit in, and it sucked for my spirit.

To many, I may be a people person, but I remain a citizen of humanity to all. Life experiences, emotional maturity, and spiritual growth over many years helped me understand why I was created this way. My life story has had its curves, but I mostly remember it being full of so many interconnected, teachable, favorable, and positive moments.

My nature has taught me that it is rare to walk up to someone in good faith, or with enthusiasm and not receive positive energy. That you can only understand someone better if you give them the opportunity, and that it is hard to hate someone up close. Energy has to move and flow, and one bad transfer can cause ripple effects so extensive it changes you.

The benefits of good energy and the abundance of love, guidance, and acceptance that one receives means more to give back. We are partly nurtured by the magnitude of energy we receive from our immediate environments, an external influence affecting our physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

The ability to understand and inspire human connection is a gift, and I embrace and own it. It has enriched me with an extensive library, and provided me with the appreciation of what it means to inspire. Remember the purpose of giving extends your blessings to enhance not only others, but yourself, even when it is not reciprocated. For when we open our heart, mind and spirit to truly touch another’s spirit, that by itself is a gift to our spirit.

I have understood that loving and giving consciously, is equally as important as doing so unconsciously. That every human interaction and connection is unique, and provide us with opportunities to grow. Take every human interaction as a lesson, connect and learn something different, feel something unexpected, add to your library of human connection, and reciprocate honestly and authentically as best as you can.

Open your heart when connecting with people, and you automatically live em-pathetically. Energy is the unspoken language that feeds the spirit, give and receive consciously.