Love & Connection

Every relationship is between two creatures even with yourself (body and spirit). Taking accountability for how and what you contribute, is an act that always has the white flag waving. It tells your intentions, with or without words, and determines the depth and nature of your relationships. 

Every relationship is as unique as every part of the body. But in order to exist, be alive, it needs to connect to the rest of the body. The individual abilities, and collective connectivity of our anatomy is what creates the capacity to form that unique human being. Even to the cellular level, there is power in numbers, possibly why even unintentionally, we crave environments that allow us to connect. 

The way you love others, is the way others love you. And the way others love you is the way you love others. 

Some connections build us, some break us. But even at that level, there is still a teaching moment. Connection is why we exist. It is how we are born to understand the world, OUR world. We are meant to connect, It is what builds us and our relationships, in the process of our growth journey. Just like our purposeful imperfectly perfect parts of the body build our physical form, our connections build and form us and our relationships. 

Every connection and relationship affords us experiences. Focus on the meaning in the lessons rather than the reason, even if it is unpleasant, even if you don’t find yourself the better human. In doing so, we maintain a growth mindset, a positive perception reality, and a contagious growth aura. Imagine such an aura from all your multitude of interconnectedness, that, can truly change your world. 

Make connections, build relationships as vast as your body, connect and experience as many souls in this world as possible. It is only a tiny-fraction of the experiences our universe has to offer. Use your connections to understand and love yourself, by doing that, you will have the capacity to love and understand your relationships. 

Choose love, choose a positive mindset, it will not only grow you, it will grow who you connect with. They receive the energy we teach indirectly, and grace with directly. That, is truly a gift to all of us. We are created to evolve, and Everything WITHIN us and around us, is meant to grow us. Keep Healing, Loving & Growing. 

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