Being self-aware is about knowing where you are in     relation to who you are, and why you are there, accepting your imperfections and strengths. 

Ask yourself:

Who am I as an individual?

What are my strengths, opportunities, and obstacles?

Am I at my personal and professional capacity?

Do my goals and values align with my strengths and skills?

What is holding me back and what are the deeper roots of these barriers?

It is impossible to be your best self when you are not aware of who your current self is.”

Having a developed sense of self-awareness, allows you to

  • know and understand your feelings, emotions, and desires. 
  • know what you value and why.
  • Helps you separate your personal and professional roles when needed. 
  • Keeps you aware of issues of bias and self-interest.
  • Understand how to control, correct, or compensate for any shortcomings.

One major factor that prevents people from becoming self-aware is Fear.

  • Fear of having to accept things about ourselves we are uncomfortable with.
  • Fear of knowing that we might need to change certain things about ourselves we aren’t ready to face. 
  • Fear of how change might affect our relationships and our lives in general. 

But recognize that being self-aware is one of the most freeing states to be in. You are free from overdependence on how the world wants to receive you, so you truly live how the world should accept you. Accepting yourself for who and all that you are at any given moment, will improve your chances of understanding your capacity to adequately work toward finding your solutions and building your relationships.          

What Helps? Practicing —->

Mindfulness, by focusing with your full attention on any given moment without judgment, to help you connect yourself and your surroundings. 

Self-reflection, by minimizing mindless personal and external distractions, and looking inward, focusing on your current thoughts, emotions, and consciousness. 

Internal validation, by avoiding a dependence of approval from the outside, but rather from your independent internal meaning.

Awareness is a main foundation that influences how we pursue our goals, build solid trusting relationships, control our destinies, and enable positive change. 

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