While playing the card game “Our Moments” today, my card read:

‘What does being successful mean to you?’

As a society, success has many meanings, especially linked to environmental factors. We create so much pressure for ourselves and, especially, unconsciously on the younger generation.

I took a deep breath, waiting to hear what my family had to say.

My 14-year-old says: ‘Success is going to the High school Grand Nationals Band competition last year, it was the best experience of my life so far’.

Her five-year-old brother said: ‘Success is sharing’. I literally beamed inside. For my 11-year-old, ‘success is passing gifted class exams,’ and my seven-year-old said ‘success is being kind’. Then my partner seals it, just as I imagined, with, ‘success is happiness’.

Indeed, success to me is HAPPINESS.

Happiness from WITHIN ourselves before incorporating that from without.

It is knowing that life will constantly change, and we can be glorious and smart, and kind, and sharing and hardworking. And when we are sad, and vulnerable, and insecure, and selfish, and unkind, we will remember that happiness is constantly present and thriving within us.

This, surprisingly, is what we need to source the power necessary to learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves, and acknowledge that our negative energy is there to motivate shifting our vibration back to Happy ones.

Happiness is a state of consciousness influenced by everything that adds to our growth journey. Knowing this means understanding the value of all your collective experiences, hence fortifying your ability to live through them as purposefully and benevolently as you were created to.

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